Can You Spot the Hidden Object in These Pictures?

Can you spot the candy?

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Photo Credit: Canva
You find yourself lost in this beautiful, mythical garden. You notice there is a massive towering tree with fruits that are shaped like candy balls. This tree has a pleasant sweet smell that makes you crave eating candy so badly. The moment when you try to reach the candies on top of the tree, you suddenly realize it’s too high to be reached. But can you spot the fallen orange candy that you can pick?
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Photo: morewownow  
Can You Guess The Name of These Pixelated Disney Princesses?
It would be a lie if you said you did not grow up seeing these Disney characters. Despite the fact that we have grown up and these lovely characters are no longer in our lives, we'd like to see if you can still recall these characters easily. However, this task is not going to be easy. These characters will be pixelated to test whether you can still recognize them.